Get started

Thank you for using Supersona! This documentation contains short step-by-step guides that will help you to create and use personas in your Jira projects.


☝️ Important:

This app makes use custom fields, which currently are only supported in company-managed projects.
In team-managed projects you won’t be able to add personas to issues.

So please use company-managed projects instead.


1st Step: add the Persona custom field

1. Go to SettingsIssues (make sure to be in a company-managed project)


2. Go to Custom fields, then search for “Persona


3. Click on the three dots on the right and choose “Associate to Screens


4. Select the screens that you want to display the custom field on and click Update.

2nd Step: Create your first persona

  1. Go to any Jira project

  2. Click on Supersona in the sidebar, then click on “Create your first persona”.

🎉 That’s it! You are now ready to customize your first persona!